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This is more or less the finished project completed April 2014, a year later it’s still looking the same except the red wine has changed over a few times since then.

I have managed to get the wall units up, the boiler boxed in and the canopy up, the dressers will be a nice feature for our best glassware, we have chosen limed oak doors with a traditional oak knob and formica worktops.

Doors, worktops and appliances fitted and all ready for tiling now...

Finished doing the tiling and grouting, looking good..

This is the view at the rear of the kitchen, where the microwave sits is where the old back door used to be.

1999: Seeing as it's my job to wash up I installed a dishwasher. We picked a white granite sink and tap to compliment the white oven and hob.

This shows the old MFI furniture that we inherited with the house, the fridge and freezer were old integrated ones, the oven and hob were brand new because my old freestanding cooker had packed up so I made a temporary housing to fit them in until I installed the new kitchen, the picture also shows the old back door that we never used.

This shows the old stainless steel sink and freestanding washing machine which I will later build into the new kitchen. I hated those curtains.

This shows the old back door toothed out and ready to be removed and bricked up, taking the old back door out was the only way I could get a nice 'U' shaped kitchen

The back door bricked up on the outside and partly breeze blocked up on the inside.

The back door has gone now it has been plastered up fully, also the old boiler has been removed, look at the mess it made on the wall where it was leaking gas fumes. New boiler in position with temporary gas feed to it.

Started to fit a few units and get some electrics done, chopped in the gas feed to the boiler, added some protection to the pipe and eventually plastered over it.    

This image shows the old warm air boiler that went from floor to ceiling in the old kitchen, it was inefficient, noisy and dusty.

This is the ever continuing project that is my kitchen. Please follow these images in order showing how my kitchen has completely transformed from what it was in 1997 to the present day, the earlier pictures are taken with a 35mm camera and then the images were scanned using a high resolution scanner.

My Kitchen At Home

This is our choice of sink and tap, although white as we found out is a high maintenance colour for a sink, a cup of bleach in a full sink of cold water overnight brings it up like new.

This is our washing machine that I have conveniently fitted two doors over the front of to hide it.

2006: We decided that as we entertain a lot, to install a double oven and larger hob. I removed the old appliances and the old built under oven housing and replaced it with our choice of double oven and hob by Smeg, we also bought a cast iron griddle for doing steaks on.

2005: Then someone decides she doesn’t like the floor, so we tile again, I must admit it does brighten the room up, those old tiles were a bit drab.

2007: I have updated the old sockets from white plastic to stainless steel flat sockets.

2008: The original white enamelled tap was starting to peel and fade so we decided to update it after seeing this one in Ikea for less than £40,  in 2010 I rewashered it using new neoprene 'o' rings and it's like new. Highly recommended and a real value for money.

2013: We have now decided to replace our old dishwasher with a 600mm wide one so a few units have to move, this means we shall require new worktops.  We are also thinking that we may swap the limed oak doors with buttermilk ones and keep the limed oak cabinet sides, that would look really good, this is all happening hopefully January 2014, check back and see what we did.

FEB 2014: This is the last couple of photos taken before I gutted the kitchen for the second time, we loved the limed oak so much we have decided to go with limed oak exposed ends with ivory shaker doors and a granite worktop.

These pictures show our Existing Smeg built under oven built in to a tall housing with a microwave integrated above it, on the back of the kitchen the existing Smeg hob was resited from the left wall, on the right side of the kitchen a new 600mm dishwasher replaces the old 450mm one, freestanding is the new fridge freezer ready to be placed into a housing next to the oven housing.

Above shows large wine rack now fitted next to the oven housing and a few wall units and yet more wine racks installed. I now feel for anyone having a kitchen installed as it is a nightmare trying to use your kitchen whilst having it fitted, but it’s our choice to do it this way because I can only work when I have finished working. At this point all electrics are in place except for under lighting.

Our kitchen diner is about to be split into two rooms, something my wife has been looking forward to since we last fitted the kitchen, so I built a stud  timber wall, insulated it and plasterboarded it both sides after running necessary cables through the wall for lighting, telephone and power etc.

Now the wall is up I can build the fridge freezer housing and install the fridge freezer, can’t wait for the doors to go on, the granite worktop has now been templated and we are awaiting an installation date.

At this point I have managed to take up the old floor tiles and start fitting the new doors, the temporary dishwasher door was fitted so we could use it. I have also fitted the limed oak cornice and pelmet.

The granite has finally arrived but that dishwasher door is still there, the undermount Franke sink looks stunning.

Dishwasher door finally in place, we now have some painting to do and some grouting to the floor..

Tiled and grouted the floor all the way through to the dining area.

The massive sheet (3000mm x 200mmm) of granite we chose, my wife loves animal print and so this had to be the one.

2016 November update : When I originally installed the kitchen two years ago little did we know that we would have so much trouble with our dishwasher, I have installed loads of this type before and had never come across any problems with them before, that’s why I purchased one. I bought a GORENJE GV62110 and within a week the top drawer fell out smashing a load of pots, we had the engineers to look at it and the very next day it fell out again, a month later the engineers came back and replaced the top drawer and runners and it improved slightly, the bleep it makes when it finishes it’s cycle goes off randomly through the day and night even when the machine has not been on just like it was haunted ! , And the way some of the pots came out when it had finished were atrocious, we noticed that after some time a build up of deposit was happening on some of our crockery, it was not washing properly, we had a dishwasher before and never had problems with the water and we always use Finish dishwasher tablets so it couldn’t have been that, even the Gorenje representative Wendy didn’t want anything to do with it so it shows customer service is low on the list for that company, anyway a month ago it finally gave up the ghost and refused to work, we have now replaced that PILE OF JUNK (and I could say worse than that) with a Neff one, we have noticed a ten fold improvement in the quality of the wash and all our pots are clean again, normality has at last been restored !, If you have already bought one then please accept my sympathies and I hope it goes better for you, But if you are thinking of buying one then please don’t !.