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Did you know it is illegal to use leaded solder in this country now ?, Download this leaflet and see the damage it can cause like miscarriages, hearing problems and anaemia, it is still being used because it is a third of the price of unleaded solder, make sure your plumber is using the right stuff !.


2005: I just had to take a photo of this plumbing mess underneath a combi boiler, it was so untidy it needed ripping out and starting again !

2008: My customers were getting bad smells from the minute their old kitchen was installed 10-15 years ago, heres the reason why, when I took the old units out I was amazed that the plumber had dropped the waste pipe from the sink into an open drain in the floor without any proper sealed fitting whatsoever, every time they would empty the sink the smell of the sewer/drain would flow back into the kitchen from underneath the units.

2008: During this kitchen installation I noticed this cast iron fitting that had been used instead of brass to blank off where a washing machine tap was some years prior, iron rusts and goes funny as you can see in the picture on the right, the tee piece it came out of was full of slimy black gunge, what it was doing to the water supply I have no idea, this is basic plumbing here, I replaced the tee with a new shiny piece of copper tubing, I bet the water tasted better after.

2001: This plumber installed two 6 meter lengths of 15mm copper tube here in readiness for the kitchen being installed, he must have had one pipe clip left in his toolbox because that's all that was holding this lot up!, apart from the two pieces of string.

2009: I tried to turn off the water at this property and it just would not stop the water, I turned off the water in the road and replaced the whole tap and was curious to find out why the original tap would not turn off fully, the above image is of the internal workings of the tap and the part nearest to the camera is the rubber washer that holds the water back, as you can see a 1/2" tack or screw has either found it's way up the incoming main or was in the stop tap when it was originally fitted and has become embedded in the washer, a good job it wasn't an emergency.

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Various plumbing Gems Found Over The Years

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