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2002: Above image shows a well dodgy joint on a flue pipe above a boiler, if you look closely you can actually see a hole where products of combustion were coming out into the air, the joint was resealed as a matter of urgency.

2007: This was an air vent on the side of a warm air boiler housing, the customer never had the boiler serviced which meant that fluff had built up on the gauze over the years starving the boiler of oxygen, how anyone never died because of this is beyond me just for the sake of a quick vacuum over. A warning notice was issued and a service recommended

2007: This is the view inside the bottom of a gas fire, it just shows what neglect can do to an appliance as you can see it is clogged up with fluff blocking necessary airways. A warning notice was issued and the appliance isolated until it was serviced.

2001: This gas pipe feeds a boiler whoever tiled the kitchen hammered it nearly flat and tiled over it, how on earth this didn't make the flames lift off the burners I’ll never know. I cut out the flat piece and replaced with new. (This image and story was featured in the February 2008 issue of the Corgi "Gas Installer" magazine).

2009: This cowboy has sealed off a gas pipe using an isolator only passed for use with water then used a cap to seal off the isolator, all to save a few quid by not calling a registered engineer to cap it off safely.

2010: I know that builders get a bad press and all that but this is probably one of many good reasons why they should do, this one recently plastered straight over hot and cold service pipes and a gas pipe without putting any protection on the pipes, the plaster will eat it's way through the copper tube over time and cause no end of problems in the future, I only found this out by mistake after the wall unit wouldn't fit because the plaster was so thick, not as thick as this builder though..

2006: The fitting used on the connection on the bottom of this hob is one normally used for fitting an outside tap to.

2005: A gas pipe running inside a wall got in the way of my drill, I hit it smack in the middle, I ended up chopping out the wall to repair the pipe before I could finish off my wall units.

2006: An unknown plumber left this gas leak in this meter box, the smell of gas was bad when I opened the meter door as you can probably tell by the bubbles on the leak detection fluid I sprayed on.

2001: Here is a gas pipe squeezed together at the end and soldered (A practice frowned upon as you should use an appropriate fitting, i.e. cap end) and bent over because it was in the way of the old units, this was made safe (by me) by disconnecting on the other side of the room.

2001: This looks like an aerial cable coming down the outside wall to a TV, at least that's what I thought it was at first, it turned out to be an 8mm copper tube containing gas going to a gas fire that someone had caught with a bike or something and ripped it clean from its fixings.

2003: This well dodgy looking boiler was leaking carbon monoxide badly as you can see by the staining on the wall.

2006: This boiler was replaced after being condemned as it was leaking carbon monoxide as can be seen by the sooting on the ceiling.

2007: I did this back in 2005, and did it again this year, drilled smack in the centre of a gas pipe while drilling for a fixing for a wall unit, easily done, I had to chop it out and repair, again...

2007: Sometimes I have to do things that I don’t like and this is one of them, a gas hob installed inside a kitchen with a conservatory over the back door and window so there was no proper direct air to the outside available (Normally a window or back door is sufficient) had to be comdemned, turned off and a warning notice issued not to use the appliance.

2008: Someone has ran this gas pipe through the wall and although has sleeved the pipe they haven’t sealed between the pipe and sleeve and between the sleeve and wall, this means gas can run into another room if there is a leak.

2010: How on earth can you get a gas pipe this length to be so unlevel and not even one fixing clip or bracket on it either, this is one of my pet hates because I am constantly putting clips on other peoples work when I rip a kitchen out.

2003: This gas oven was falling to bits, the bottom door was being held up by a large elastic band because the hinges were broken, luckily this oven went straight into the skip.

2012: This little gem was turned off at the gas cock just a few feet before the end of the pipe shown here so it was safe, but putting a bolt in the end of the pipe and taping up with electrical tape ?

2013: The chrome valve used to isolate this pipework to this hob and oven is for use on water only not for gas, also the cooker flex is installed wrong up as this is stressing the flex.

2006: Whoever installed this xpelair above this gas hob was asking for trouble, it was a good job it was ripped out.

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Various Gems Found Over The Years

1993: This shows a rainwater pipe close to the balanced flue outlet on a wall mounted boiler, whoever fitted the rainwater pipe was at fault and has now been rectified.

2001: This situation could be at risk from fire damage from the heat given out by this flue pipe, there should be at least 25mm clearance around this pipe when going through floorboards or anything combustible.

2000: An open flued boiler, bends like this one above the boiler should be 600mm from the top of the boiler and not directly off the top, the boiler has since been replaced.

1997: This was the most awful cooker I have ever seen in a kitchen, it looked pretty normal until I started to remove it, the cable and plug above was badly burnt from the heat and the whole installation looked like a diy job, I dont think it had even been cleaned since it had been bodged in. The customer has now a nice new fitted single oven and gas hob.

2000: This was two separate gas hobs I came across that had been installed on a flexible hose, as they are fixed appliances they should have been installed with rigid copper, unless of course it says otherwise in the manufacturers instructions.

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