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2006: The live and neutral in this plug has been put in the wrong way round, if there was a live to earth fault the fuse would not have blown, the earth wire has been trapped and severed.

2006: Earth bonding cable twisted to a pipe instead of a proper clamp, just sheer laziness.

2009: Someone has been using lighting cable for a washing machine socket as shown by this overload burn mark in the centre of this one.

2008: Whoever did this took a feed from this 6mm cooker cable and ran it direct to a cooker hood, the white cable didn't have a fuse anywhere.

2009: Neither of the earth cables had been connected to each other or into the rear of the socket, neither of the cables had any protective sheathing on them .

2006: Connection on the back of an oven showing the earth cable looking like a black neutral, confusing ?.

2009: DIY job to save money, just letting cables hang like this is criminal they need clipping so they don’t rub on washers etc.

2008: Nothing protecting these cables behind a suspect piece of plasterboard with inappropriate connections.

2008: Luckily this house was rewired because non of the colours meant any sense with a yellow cable in a neutral connector.

2009: Ring main coming down the wall is terminated, then someone adds more to connector block adding strain at this point.

2008: This socket was found shoved in a hole just below washing machine taps, if they had leaked ??

2008: It is common to find electric cables twisted together and taped up and buried under plaster like this here.

2008: 6.0mm cable connected to a 2.5mm cable using a connector block and plastered over.

2011: Looks like someone ran out of 2.5mm cable when they extended this live feed to this socket so they used 2 x 1.0mm cables side by side.

2010: A kitchen fitter connected a lighting cable and cooker hood cable to a 13amp plug top to save putting in a double socket.

2011: Whoever did this put 3x 2.5mm cables into a connector block because they were too short, and then took 2x 1.0mm cables from the connector block to the socket.

2011: These old porcelain fuses are much too slow to blow when compared to a modern mcb type, the customer didn’t want to spend the money so it was left alone.

2005: Some cables I found in a wall , jointed with connector blocks, taped, plastered over and forgot about.

2010: On holiday (same one as the one above) I found this socket fed from a connector block with nothing stopping anyone getting a shock from the bare connectors.

2010: Bodged taped up cables in a wall after a council rewire because they were to lazy to connect them under the floor like we did.

2006: This open set of bare brass connectors  carry 100 amps and was found like this under a stairs where children hung their coats.

2010: Two cables bodged into a plug top instead of making the single socket into a double.

2008: A 3amp gas hob cable (white) wired direct to the rear of this 30amp cooker connector, stupid.

2010: A socket has been removed and cables bodged into connector blocks to feed another socket, this was found behind a base unit in a nearly brand new house.

2010: Yet again i'm finding cables chopped in behind hanging brackets for wall cupboards, this was a kitchen fitter as well, no wonder we get a bad name.

2010: On holiday I found this fuse board that you could get your whole fist into, in the uk you are not allowed even one finger.

2011: A new installation and an NIC electrician thinks this is ok to wind cables around central heating pipes (the two vertical pipes on the right)...

2011: Dodgy wiring found taped up and plastered over and even some cables running underneath the metal backbox plastered over.

2006:  This 6mm cooker cable had been connected to a 2.5mm cable and plastered over, good job I didn’t connect a cooker to it.

2007: This bodge job using lighting cable meant parts of these cables were warm when my customer used her iron, I installed a whole new ring main into the kitchen.

2011: Cowboy builders added to this socket which already had one socket from it (the maximum allowed) and ran two other sockets from it, one to the left and one to the right with 1.5mm cable instead of 2.5mm, plug an iron and kettle into one of these and you have the makings for a house fire, criminal stuff.

2011: A cooker cable was damaged because it had been trapped between the cabinet and the wall , just as a precaution I cut this back and replaced it with new cable.

2005: Jumbled mess, how on earth are you going to get to that emergency gas valve in a panic with cables like this in the way.

2006: How not to bend a cable, probably done with a hammer, this can cause shorts.

2006: This 1960’s RCD is really old, but test results showed it was still working properly so it was ok to leave.

2006: Someone broke into this cable with a connector block just so they could add an extra cable in there for a cooker hood, then buried the connection behind a unit.

2006: Someone didn’t want the top socket there so jointed some cable with good old connector blocks, taped them up and plastered over them so no one could find the connections.

2006: This cable has already been cut on this hole in this metal back box that should have had a rubber grommet through it.

2006: This rare 1970’s clock point was bodged into a cooker hood just to make a connection.

2007: Sockets wired the wrong way will always trip an RCD when you fit a new fuse board.

2007: I smiled when I took this old cable out of it’s trunking with that small piece of earth sleeving on a large exposed earth cable.

2007: Someone drilled through this cable while drilling fixing holes for the bracket, they then joined the damaged cable with a connector block and carried on..

2008: Not heard of plaster?, just gaffa tape it up then

2009: Dodgy buried junction boxes without lids and cables going all over the place in this kitchen was one of the reasons why a new ring main was installed.

2010: I found a couple of these behind some base units, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make these plates and then left bare wires at the back.

2011 SEP: There is nothing dodgy about this fuse board I just had to take a picture, it is so neat and tidy, so thanks to Franco from A&S Developments for letting me photograph his work !, Well done.

2011 NOV: When this old single socket below a worktop was discarded behind units they only bought one cable up to the new socket above, why not both and keep the socket on the ring main ?.

2012 MAR: This was a cooker switch that luckily wasn’t needed in this kitchen, normally the cable would be 6.0mm this one was ran in 2.5mm from the fuse board right to the double oven !.

2012 FEB: Yet another double socket taped up found behind tiles and plastered over, this one was reinstated by  me.

2012 FEB: I have no idea what was going on here, all this conglomeration of sockets and cables have all been taken from the cooker supply.

2012 OCT: This fuseboard was hanging unsupported by the cables that fed it when I arrived on the job, it was resited back on to the wall eventually, not ideal, in fact quite dangerous.

2012 JUL: This twisted mess was found behind tiling during a rip out, it was an old cooker supply that had been joined up and another cable (coming from the right) added to power a cooker hood.

2013 JUN: This mess, running two double sockets, one single socket,  and a double oven on just one single cooker cable was ripped out by me and completed properly, adding the sockets on the ring main like it should have been done in the first place.

2013 JUL: The proper ring main behind this socket coming from above was isolated in the back box , the electrician who wired this socket took another feed from another socket coming from the right with just one cable, why ?.

2013 AUG: Junction boxes buried and plastered over again here and the earth was not connected properly creating hours of wasted time looking for the fault.

2013 OCT: Someone here decided it would be ok to add two sockets and lighting to a conservatory to the back of this cooker point while it was serving a double oven at the time.

2013 NOV: If you have a socket that looks as burnt as this one here then you either have some loose wiring at the back or the cable is not big enough for the appliance using it as it has started to burn.

Dodgy Electrical Installations Page

Various Dodgy Electrical Gems Found Over The Years

2001: I found this cable trapped at the back of some units I was ripping out one day, this was the cause of a fuse always blowing when the customer leant against the unit.

2002: An NICEIC electrician did this, cables wrapped around hot service pipes will go brittle, they should be at least 20mm apart and no clips holding the cables.

2001: The electrics at the rear of this cooker was on one single cable feeding two single sockets, two double sockets, a boiler and a junction box feeding an outside light.

2003: I found this junction box, buried inside a plasterboard wall, how is anyone to know it’s there ?.

2004: This metal back box behind this socket was battered up and I think something had shorted out.

2004: Somebody had connected a 13amp oven and a 3amp hob into a 30amp fused cable here, they should have been on separate fuses/plugs, very dangerous.

The following images are thumbnail images, if you would like to see a larger version then please click on the image.

2002: Junction box, junction box, socket, cables all joined, what’s going on here ?

2003: When I pulled this socket off the black neutral wires came straight out of the terminals which hadn't been tightened enough, there’s been a  problem here before with smoke damage and the plastic block connecting two damaged live wires together.   

Just one of the really old, outdated fuse boards we come across every now and then.